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The Mama 360° Workshop

Setting the foundation

Mama 360° Workshop aims at providing foundational tools that support a holistic wellbeing that is unique as each mama herself.  

> Online Self-Study Format consisting of 4 Modules + Workbook

> Guidance on how to care for your pregnant and postpartum body.

> Food lists and cooking tutorials.

> Strategies for happiness through tools for stress and anxiety management.

> One-on-One consultations with Melissa & Tracy.

Integrating the Tools

After learning essential tools for a happier, more vibrant YOU, continue to receive guidance on how to integrate those tools into your daily routine.

> Monthly “Mama 360° Lifestyle Guide” Newsletter. 

> Recipes and Seasonal Eating tips.

> Movement for repairing and building strength after baby.

> Educational Interviews with experts in the Pregnancy, 

Postpartum and Wellness professions.

> Integrating self-care routines for a more grounded and stable state of mind.