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We see you Mama!

Melissa Reese and Tracy Clark are both experienced professionals in the Health & Wellness industry. They are passionate about providing space and opportunity to not only support pregnant and postpartum mamas but to empower them to successfully navigate the transition of becoming a mother. 

    "With each child comes new lessons and new transformations within ourselves.  As mothers, we have felt like we were being pulled in every direction. We had succumbed to a life of service to others while we pushed our own identity and needs to the bottom of the list. That is exactly why we believe there is no other time in life when radical self-care is so important."  ~ Melissa and Tracy

Your Coaches

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Tracy Clark
Wellness Chef. Mother of two.

Tracy Clark is a Wellness Chef and creator of Conscious Culinary.  She is the mom to Caspian (4) and Calliope (2) and is the host of The Conscious Culinary Podcast.  She offers cooking lessons and wellness retreats through

Tracy's Story

Melissa Reese
Nutrition Wellness Coach. Mother of 3.

Melissa Reese is a nutrition and wellness coach and founder of Harbor Total Wellness.  She is the mom to Savannah (8), Amelia (4) and Nevaeh (1). She is a certified pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach which focuses on fitness for the pregnant and postpartum mom as well as rehabilitation/nutrition.

Melissa's Story

The Mama360 Mission

     To elevate the Motherhood Transition through honoring women and meeting them where they are at on their journey.  To offer sound advice that aims to provide a base knowledge of care for Mama’s Physical, Mental & Spiritual bodies that can be built upon with one’s own style, needs and creativity.  Each Mama is a goddess coming into her own power and Mama360 provides a space where she can ignite her feminine beauty as a new mom.


Mother and Baby in Autumn

      "I was searching for community and a  place I could go to discuss the ups and downs of Motherhood to feel  I wasn't alone. This workshop not only offered the sense of community I was searching for but offered so much more than I could have hoped for. Tracy and Melissa's passion and knowledge provided some beautiful insight into being a better me in order to be better for everybody." 
~ Breanne S.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for Mama360. That being said my experience with this group of Mama's blew me away. Tracy and Melissa have put together an awesome program dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional well being of mothers with a focus on nutrition, fitness, spiritual and mental health. It was nicely organized and laid out in a fun yet easy to digest format. The content each week left me inspired and motivated and the sense of community and shared bond with the participating Mama's was phenomenal. I found myself taking notes in an effort to really soak in all the good information and certainly applied a lot of

Meditation Class

what I learned to make positive adjustments in my day-to-day life. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the program, experienced a lot of “ah-ha” moments, created positive nutrition and exercise habits, and appreciated the beautiful, smart, caring, and fun facilitators, who were Tracy and Melissa. Thank you both!"

~ Becca M.

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