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Mother with her Child
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A workshop for all angles of Being Mama

What is it all about?


Taking care of your pregnant and postpartum body, staying motivated and bringing intention to movement.


Making conscious food choices with easy guidelines that cultivate a joyous relationship with meals.


Finding strategies for happiness through tools for stress and anxiety management.


Embracing the natural flow of life and integrating self-care routines for a more grounded and stable state of mind.

We have so much more to tell you about!

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Baby's Grasp

      We asked ourselves, “what do we need as moms?”, and the answer we came to was Mama 360°. A workshop for all angles of Motherhood. We see you Mama, we see the struggle, we see the breakdowns and we see you trying your best because we are going through the same experience and we want you to know, we got your back!

~ Melissa and Tracy
Creators of Mama 360°


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